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Dr. Kamyar Dezhgosha

Kamyar Dezhgosha has been an associate professor of computer science at University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) since 2002. At UIS, he has taught Computer Science II at undergraduate level, and Java Network Programming, Distributed Computing, and Object-oriented Design as graduate or upper-division courses. His current research interests are in Internet Computing, Computer Science Education, and Distributed Computing. Before joining UIS, Dr. Dezhgosha had worked for over 13 years in both academia and industry. He has conducted research in high-speed networking, web-based application development, image compression, and performance evaluation in network-based parallel computing. He has been Principal Investigator for several research grants and contracts funded by NASA, JPL and NSF.

Title:Associate Professor
University Website:

Map Mashups for Better Visualization of Location-Based Trends

In this project, students learn that map mashups can help improve understanding of a societal problem by allowing better visualization of location-based trends; for example, map mashups can be used to show the spread of epidemics, or the relative rates of child poverty, color coded on a map in an interactive and graphical way. The students learn how to program a map mashup, using the Google Maps API. In the process, they learn about object-oriented programming and web applications. Two versions of the project are provided, for students with and without prior experience in object-oriented programming (OOP). Version 2, for students with experience in OOP, has been zipped into one file listed under "Additional Project Materials".

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