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Dr. Stephen Williams

Dr. Stephen Williams, P.E. is Program Director of Electrical Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has over 20 years of engineering experience across the corporate, government, and university sectors specializing in control systems, electronic design, and electromechanics. He serves on the board for the Energy Conversion and Conservation Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Title:Electrical Engineering Program Director
Organization:Milwaukee School of Engineering
University Website:

Feedback Controlled Brushless DC Motor with Personal Electric Vehicle Application

In this project, the students learn how brushless DC motors have made personal electric vehicles (PEVs) possible, and calculate how much using a PEV instead of an automobile for some of their daily driving can impact their production of carbon dioxide, based on United States driving patterns. In the laboratory, students build a brushless DC motor using three different control methods, based on a reed switch, a Hall effect sensor, and optoelectronics, respectively. In the process, students learn about motors, and compare the components used for control in terms of their reliability.

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