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Real World Engineering: EE, CE, CS, BE and EET Curricula - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to be an IEEE member to submit an abstract?
No, we are encouraging all EE, CE, CS, BE and EET faculty to contribute to this effort.

Q. Can submitters retain full rights to their finished projects?
No, submission copyrights are signed over to IEEE to put on its website for wider distribution. It is our goal to provide these new and exciting projects to as many classrooms as possible.

Q. Does my university have to have an ABET accredited engineering program?
No, ­ it is not required because of the international constituency of this project. However, the program should be accredited by the local governing bodies.

Q. Are these projects to be used ONLY for first year engineering students?
They are targeted to the level of a first year student, but could be adapted for use in the later engineering curriculum.

Q. Will non-English versions of these proposals be accepted?
At this point, there is no plan to accept any other versions other than English speaking proposals; however we are hopeful that in the future resources will be available to provide translations.

Q. Can a person who submits an accepted abstract get paid any of the honoraria before completing the project proposal?
No, all awards are the same ($10,000 USD) and are to be paid upon completion of the full project submission.

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