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About RWEP - This website will be discontinued at the end of 2017

As part of IEEE's mission to serve engineering faculty worldwide, the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee along with Educational Activities Board (EAB) created the Real-World Engineering Projects (RWEP) program. The goal of the RWEP program is to provide university educators of electrical engineering (EE), computer engineering (CE), computer science (CS), biomedical engineering (BE) and electrical engineering technology (EET) world-wide with:
  • a library of high-quality, tested, hands-on team-based society-focused projects for first-year students. These projects are designed to increase the recruitment, persistence to degree, and satisfaction of all students, and particularly women, in baccalaureate EE, CE, CS, BE and EET degree programs.
In many EE/CE/CS/BE/EET programs, current first-year curricula focus on the theoretical and mathematical components of engineering. The vehicle for change is a series of IEEE-approved hands-on projects that teachers will be able to use in the first-year classroom in order to "adhere" their students to these disciplines. The projects would clearly demonstrate a benefit to society in general and will also involve the students at a much more intimate level than the typical lecture. Research has shown the recruitment of women benefits significantly from the illustration of how electrical and computer engineers and computer scientists benefit society. The persistent under-participation of women in engineering and computer science is an area of continued concern to governments, industry leaders, policy making bodies, and professional associations.

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