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Important Notice - Following a strategic review by IEEE of it's education activities services and programs, it was decided to discontinue IEEE Real World Engineering Projects. All projects for the IEEE RWEP will remain available until the end of 2017. Guest and members please continue to take advantage of IEEE's other university education resources as well as other services.
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The Real World Engineering Projects (RWEP) portal is designed to disseminate high quality, hands-on, team-based projects for the first-year electrical engineering (EE), computer engineering (CE), computer science (CS), biomedical engineering (BE) and electrical engineering technology (EET) classrooms. These hands-on projects are specifically designed to illustrate real-world contemporary problems... More >

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To be discontinued at the end of 2017. A library of high-quality, tested, hands-on team-based society- focused projects for first-year students. These projects are designed to increase the recruitment, persistence to degree, and satisfaction of all students, and particularly women, in baccalaureate EE, CE, CS, BE and EET degree programs.
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The Coding of Sound by a Cochlear Prosthesis
In this project, students learn how cochlear implants work to improve the lives of people with profound hearing loss. The students experiment with the control parameters of a cochlear...
Human Energy Generation and Electrical Signal Measurement
In this project, students learn about the energy generation and usage. Emphasis is placed on potential sources of renewable energy, and on how power demands vary from country to...
Discovering Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications in Structural Health Monitoring, Part 2
This curriculum module is part of a set of four curriculum modules. The curriculum module can be adapted to be used alone, or used as part of the set....
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